PVC High Pressure Spray Hose


This ISO 9001 certified PVC high pressure spray hose is used for:

- Spraying pesticides in farming, villages, fruits, gardens, vinyl houses, etc.

- Excavating mines, roads, etc.

- Cleaning ships, vehicles, etc.

- Transporting fluid at mines, general facets, buildings, ships, etc.

- Transporting chemical material.



  • Strong pressure resistance

  • Good flexibility

  • Good resistance against weather, abrasion and chemicals

  • Good elasticity

  • Elegant colors




Nominal/Inner diameter (mm) : 8.5, 10, 13, 16, 19, 25mm

Standard length (M) : 50, 100/roll

Working pressure (kgf/㎠) : 50

Bursting pressure (kgf/㎠) : More than 160


This  hose is customized for your name, logo and color at your requirements.



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현재 수입대행 수출대행 진행 중인 품목
RT-7700 SEQUENTIAL SIX MEMORY AUTOMATIC TAPE DISPENSER Basic function of RT-7700 is same to RT-7000. While RT-7000 can set six different pre-set tape length but can cut the specific length at one time, RT-7700 can set six different pre-set tape length in order so can cut tape in six different length at one time. For instance, 3cm, 2 cm, 4 cm, 6 cm, 2 cm, 4 cm order. This will be the best matching if your factory needs different tape length at one procedure. RT-7700 is very easy in dissembling, doesn’t need a drivel to open the main cover. Very convenient in spare part change and maintenance.