Coffee Sugar Jelly Stick Filling & Packing Machine




This full automatic two lane packing machine is filling coffee powder, sugar, fruit jelly in liquid form and other granules. The machine is capable of producing more 50-100 pieces of sticks per minute depending on quality of wrapping film. Stick width 20-35 mm and its length are adjustable without changing any mechanical part. The stick is wrapped with PE, PET, aluminum or nylon Film, and paper coating film. The stick is heating sealed and cut in V shape or in straight shape at buyer’s option. Complete unit of this machine is delivered except the optional material loading line to the hopper and air compressors. This machine is all customized at your requirements.



- Stick weight 3~20g and length 80 x 160mm adjustable.

- Packing: sugar, salt, coffee mix powder, other granules and jelly in liquid form.

- Driving control: Digital Touch Screen Type

- Electric power: AC. 220V. 50-60Hz

- Sealing: Electric heat sealing

- Production speed: 50-100 packs per minute.

- Dimension: W1100 x L700 x H2400 mm - Weight: 400-450Kg

- Films: PE. PET/AL coating or another heat sealing Films

- Discharge: with Conveyor 1000mm

- Air Power: 5HP Compressor Power




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현재 수입대행 수출대행 진행 중인 품목
RT-7700 SEQUENTIAL SIX MEMORY AUTOMATIC TAPE DISPENSER Basic function of RT-7700 is same to RT-7000. While RT-7000 can set six different pre-set tape length but can cut the specific length at one time, RT-7700 can set six different pre-set tape length in order so can cut tape in six different length at one time. For instance, 3cm, 2 cm, 4 cm, 6 cm, 2 cm, 4 cm order. This will be the best matching if your factory needs different tape length at one procedure. RT-7700 is very easy in dissembling, doesn’t need a drivel to open the main cover. Very convenient in spare part change and maintenance.