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We are an international trading company based in South Korea who has been acting as the specialized import-export & customs agent since 1988. We seek European, American and Asian manufacturers of consumer goods who are interested to sell their products in the Korean market. We can assist them in gaining access to the Korean market. We also assist Korean manufacturers in selling their products to them.

Ship to Korea

●    Receive inquiries from Korean buyers

●    Find the right manufacturers and exporter of the products the                 Korean buyers need.

●    Arrange the sales & purchase contract to be made between the               seller and the Korean buyer.

●    Arrange payments to be transferred by TT or paid by L/C.

●    Provide the Korean buyer with information about the progress of             production, packing, and loading.

●    Provide the seller with information about documents needed for               customs clearance and quarantine inspection in accordance with the         Korean import regulations.

●    Arrange freight forwarding.

●    Arrange customs clearance.

●    Collect and transport the goods to the buyer’s                                          warehouse.

●    Arrange settlement of the claim and complaints from         the buyer.

●    Arrange after-sale services.

●    Arrange repeat orders

Ship from Korea

●    Receive inquiries from buyers

●    Source the right manufacturers and the right product the buyer               needs.

●    Provide the buyer with quotation and product information.

●    Arrange the sales and purchase contract to be made by the Korean           manufacturer and the buyer.

●    Assist in payment to be paid by TT or L/C.

●    Arrange the export documents for the export of the goods the buyer         needs.

●    Arrange the freight forwarding.

●    Arrange the customs clearance at the destination port  and                     transport the goods to the buyer’s warehouse at the buyer’s request.

●    Provide the buyer with after-sales services.

●    Arrange repeat orders, if required by the buyer.

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1988년 설립 수입대행  I 수출대행 I 한다 무역 https://www.handakorea.com/은 국내영업과 제품 생산으로 바빠서 무역 업무에 시간 내기 힘드신 분이나 여타 누구나 만족할 미국 수입대행, 중국 구매대행, 기타 전 세계 수입대행, 해운항공운송, 검역, 통관을 포함한 전 과정 최고의 수입대행 수출대행 서비스를 제공합니다.  많은 회사들이 한다 무역을 통해서 고품질 제품을 매월 반복 수입 판매하여 계속 수익을 올리고 있으므로 한다 무역의 수입대행 수출대행 서비스를 받아보시기 바랍니다.



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195, Toegye-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul 04557, Korea

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